Dermatology @ 480

Patch testing is performed to detect an allergic reaction to topically applied chemicals. The Patch Tests are applied on Monday. Your dermatologists will determine what chemicals you will need to be tested for and our staff will apply these to your upper back with a backing tape with small discs containg the chemicals. Our staff will have the standard tests ready for application and any products that you need to bring in can be applied on the day minimizing the waiting time, After application you will need to keep the upper back dry so bathing or sponging only is recommended. You should avoid exercising or heavy work which may cause sweating. You will need to return on Wednesday to have the patches removed and the results read and again on Friday for the final reading. Positive skin reactions may develop between the Wednesday and Friday.

The main side effects are itching and irritation from a positive reaction or from the tape. This will resolve when the patches are removed.